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MBop/IStores Music– The Multi-Level Music Enterprise at the forefront of the Digital Music Revolution

Bringing back ‘Back Catalogue’

We see no limit to what we can do…” exclaims Paul Ballance, Director and MD of new (multi-level) global music company IStores Music Ltd.

A leading outfit at the forefront of the digital revolution, IStores combines a love of music with the passion for breaking musical technological advances to offer a complete multiform, full-scale service. This includes online global music distribution and licensing, a complete range of digital label services, online PR and Marketing, viral and social networking and in-house promotions.

Not content with being the first to offer a complete bespoke digital package for artists, the unstoppable IStores Digital are now set to become the idealistic champions of heritage artists and both signed and unsigned artists . “We have been liberated by the digital age…” explains Ballance. Once outraged by seeing how physical music stores were exploiting credible artists, such as Elvis and Frank Sinatra to name a few, by selling their reputable work at such a low price, IStores Digital have licensed the rights to re – sell the rich inheritance of popular music and the most obscure specialist artists on a global scale.

IStore Music’s aim through its various labels and promotions services is to bring to the forefront artists that have been lost over time and champion both new music and new artists. IStores is for those who wish to discover or re-discover. At a time when it seems artists of all eras are resurfacing and reforming, from the likes of Take That to Led Zepplin and in a time where Leonard Cohen found himself above the likes of Jay Z, polling 19th as one of the highest grossing tours of 2008. The demand for heritage artists is at an all time high and IStores are at the forefront of liberating artists both old and new, through the digital age.